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Underfloor Heating

Heat Those Feet

Underfloor heating could be the ideal solution for your property. As well as being a real treat for your feet in the cold winter months, it is also a great space-saver and an energy efficient way to heat your property.

Underfloor heating emits heat in a different way to traditional radiators. With the heating systems tightly packed under the floor, it eliminates the chance of cold spots, providing a very even and constant heat supply. Underfloor heating turns the whole floor into large radiated surface, which heats the room from the floor upwards. Whether you have stone, carpet or laminate flooring, almost all types of flooring are suitable for under floor heating.


Accurate Quoting

Renowned for our excellent service at a competitive price, we make sure that our quotes are as accurate as possible so that you won’t be faced with a huge bill.

Clean & Tidy

We make sure that we leave your property in an excellent condition. When you’ve got an emergency at hand, the last thing you want to do is tidy up afterwards.

Deliver Projects on Time

We take great pride on our high standards of customer service and make sure that we deliver our projects on time.


Types Available

With two types of supplies, there is an underfloor heating to suit the needs of your property. At WD Heating we will design, install and maintain an underfloor heating plan that is ideal for your property. Underfloor heating is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit almost all properties.

They are also the best choice for Renewable energy systems which provide a lower flow temperature than traditional boilers.

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